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It was lovely spending my last Saturday night with these girls. Making friends in foreign countries!

My mini trip to Barcelona was amazing! The weather was perfect for roaming and getting lost. And I was alone. Not lonely though because the city was my date. There’s something great about traveling by myself. Luckily I’ve been there before which also added to the magic.

Had the most beautiful Christmas in Lleida, Spain. Thank you Monica for being a wonderful hostess. Barcelona mañana!

Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.

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A few of my friends at El Tigre. This place is great! Basically if you just order one drink (You can see in the corner how big it is) the waiter just keeps bringing you food until you say stop. It’s great! My favorites were the coquettes and jamon. I’ve been wanting to come all semester and finally with only 2 weeks left we made it there! I’ll try to go one more time before school ends. The rest of the night included dancing and basking in the night life that is Madrid. 

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

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I’m totally mad about the fact that I can walk down the street and have no idea what what anyone is saying. I love it and hate it. Sometimes its noise, sometimes it’s fascinating. Whatever it is, my ears are ringing. You learn a language only when your immersed  You have to want it and need it. You shouldn’t be doing it to fulfill a requirement or raise your GPA. A language will help you make friends, meet a lover and learn about yourself. There is nothing more self-fulfilling than going into a Pasteleria and ordering the most beautiful treats ever in another language

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I finally made a video of my August European adventures! My favorite is of course Paris, but every city has their hidden gem. Their “something” that makes them shine.